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Name:Maura Sweeney
Title:Int'l Speaker | Podcaster | Media Consultant
Address:30 Estuary Trail
Country:United States of America
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Cell No:17273662311
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Maura Sweeney
International Speaker / Podcaster / Huffington Post Contributor / Author

Maura is an expert

1. Keynote Speaker

2. Media Guest

3. Workshop Leader

4. Professional Interviewer to Feature Others' Work

5. Media Ready Consultant to Authors, etc.

Maura Sweeney is a global influencer on leadership, influence, emotional intelligence and becoming one’s personal best. She’s also a personal consultant to authors and entrepreneurs wishing to expand their influence as a media guest and/or public personality.


Author, Podcaster and Frequent Media Guest, Maura has keynoted internationally at universities, national leadership conferences and American Embassy outposts in ten countries. Here in the U.S., she has lectured to aspiring FBI and CIA candidates on emotional intelligence; addressed the UNESCO Model UN summer camp representing students from 28 nations; and moderated “Full of Hate: The Toll of Violent Extremism,” an event comprising a former neo-Nazi, a transgender activist, a top Islamic leader from CAIR and a retired military officer and current professor of black history, for the Institute of Strategic Policy Solutions at Florida’s St. Petersburg College.

Maura was originally given the moniker Ambassador of Happiness® by the UNESCO Center for Peace when invited to speak at the inaugural Nelson Mandela Day celebrations. In 2018, the All Ladies League of India awarded her the Woman of the Decade Award at the Women’s Economic Forum in The Hague.


Maura received a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish Literature from Boston College and continued post-graduate studies at Seton Hall University School of Law. In addition to a decorated management career at two national corporations, Maura co-owned a Florida based computer firm and home schooled a daughter who started college at age 13 and recently earned a master’s degree from Harvard. She offers her clients a unique set of innate as well as acquired skills, insights and perspectives.


Her eclectic background includes hosting foreign exchange students from Russia, Spain and Japan; mentoring incarcerated teens; immersive global travels to 60 countries; and an unwitting brush with organized crime figures (see ESPN’s 30 for 30 Playing for the Mob).



Meet Maura in this introductory video.


Discover Maura’s eCourse on Personal Leadership, Happiness and Authenticity.
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